pambumekkattu mana

Special Occasions ( Pambu Meikkadu Mana )

1. First of the month of Vrishchikam(mid November).
2. Ayilyam in the month of Kanni(mid sept-mid oct).
3. From Thiruvonam to Bharani in the month of Meenam (mid March to Mid April).
4. Tenth of the month of Medam(mid of April).

The most important occation in Mekkattu Mana is first of Vrishchikam. That day is celebrated as the festival of Serpent Gods and every Serpent Gods and every Serpent God is pleased that day by giving lime (calcium oxide) and milk. It is believed that only the members of the Mekkattu family has the right to conduct Sarpabali. From the first of Vrishchikam to 41 days, Sarpabali is conducted as a special offering every evening. Other than this, the Bali is conducted on chosen days decided by the Mana. During Mandalakalam (41 days from Vrishchikam 1), 'Kalamezhuthum Pattum' is conducted. Only 'Sarpapattu' is conducted and not'Pulluvanpattu'.

Normally, only higher caste people are permitted into the 'Kavu'. But on special days people of all castes can come to the temple. These days they can enter anywhere except the 'Kizhakkini'. The devotees have to take bath in the pond and enter the 'Kavu' with wet body and clothes.